Children and Chiropractic


"We've Aligned Our Practice With Your Family Values"

A child's spine is just as vulnerable to stress and trauma as ours.  Today's birthing procedures, falls while learning to walk, being picked on by siblings and of course sports can all cause injury.  Often parents are unaware of these underlying injuries because the joint degeneration isn't severe enough to cause aches and pains.

If these injuries are left uncorrected, arthritis inevitable sets in and an easily corrected injury turns into a debilitating health issue.  Family Chiropractors refer to this as "pediatric problems with geriatric consequences" ---meaning if the initial injury had been corrected early in life, future health problems could have been prevented.

When your child is seen by our Family Wellness Chiropractors their nerve system will be analyzed to determine if any injuries are present and if these injuries are causing or contributing to any health conditions. With gentle hands-on correction of the injured spinal segments we can restore normal nerve function and physiology.  Often symptoms can resolve immediately and more importantly, proper spinal health keeps children healthy and happy for a lifetime. 

We recommend all infants and children be examined for spinal and nerve system problems as soon as possible. 

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